PCS can produce a Test Package or a suite of Test Packages to your
requirements quickly and effectively.
There are 3 basic options of Test Package available.

Quickfault A basic test program with only devices in the GenRad's own
Library tested. Untested devices will be included in the nail
assignment so later enhancement is possible. Typical fault
coverage would be 60 - 80%. A very quick turn around time
can be achieved with this option.

NintyPlus A test program where all devices are tested if possible with
standard analogue and digital techniques (writing special
models if required) and using Opens Xpress technology if it is
available on your testers. The aim of this package is to achieve
a 90+% fault coverage in the most cost effective way.

FullMonty A test program that extracts every ounce of test coverage
from the GenRad tester. The Aim is to achieve a test coverage of
95 - 98%. The program could include functional tests as
specified by the customer.


Contents of the Test Package

1. A CKT file and library files with any special models that were required.
2. A ATO file containing power supply configuration and tests, Fixture
tests, and any special tests that have been added.
3. Files produced by ATG including RPT, MSG, NDB, ATP & DTP
4. Test files including an updated TPG, OBC,.IDD NCL & POD
5. Test coverage report, Hardware fault insertion, & Opens Xpress report

1. A fully debugged Test Fixture fabricated to our high specification
or your own specification.

A comprehensive documentation package consisting of.
1. A set of operating instructions and test system requirements.
2. A description of any special or functional tests that are performed.
3. Full set of fixture documentation.
4. A set of circuit diagrams marked up with the GenRad nail numbers
used. (if required)
5. A print out of the net list with the GenRad nail numbers used.
6. A print out of the Test Coverage report with any components
untested listed with a reason.
7. A full set of software on floppy disks, or CD.