CANBUS to RS232 interface both directions Diagnostic box CAN 2.0A/B ISO11898

Cost £85+vat inc shipping to UK, international buyers email me for shipping costs.

• In house designed and built CAN bus diagnostic Box, 2 way communication to CAN Bus over any RS232 computer port.

• Supporting CAN2.0A and CAN2.0B protocol, complying with ISO/DIS 11898 specification;

• Integrated two-way CAN-bus communication interface, supporting user-defined communication baud rate, for CAN baud rates of 125k, 250k 500k and 1M supported.

• Supports 11 bit ID's and 29 bit Extended ID's

• Other configurations can be added on request.

• Integrated two-way 3-wire RS-232 communication interface, and communication rate could be set within the range of 150~115200bps;

• Operating temperature -40degC ~ +85degC

• RS232 cable is required wired 2-3, 3-2 and 5-5. Can be supplied at £15 extra

• Power Supply is required to power the unit, supports 8v to 30v, so can easily be powered from vehicle battery.

• Can be controlled via any serial terminal program eg hyper terminal etc. A custom program is available for download if required. Latest version of PC software has diagnostic graph display of logged CAN data.

• Can be incorporated into your custom test programs as a replacement for NI CAN or Vector CAN products, this is what is was originally designed for, but has endless applications.

• Time Stamps can be generated automatically in the CAN box.


RS232 to Can Box info:-

Box will receive all CAN messages and report on RS232 port,
will also transmit all CAN messages sent from RS232 port in format below.

Transmit data format

Config data format
config items defined are:
ExtID use 0 for false and 1 for true for can extended ID
Timestamp use 0 for false and 1 for true to include a time stamp in mSec to received CAN data

CAN baud supported are, value stored at eeprom location 0x10
0 1M
1 500k
2 250k
3 125k
def 250k

RS232 baud supported are, value stored at eeprom location 0x00
0 150
1 300
2 600
3 1200
4 2400
5 4800
6 7200
7 9600
8 14400
9 19200
10 38400
11 57600
12 115200
def 115200

A ? sent to RS232 port will report the boxes configuration.

NOTE : Box is shipped with Timestamp ON, Ext ID on, RS232 baud 115200 and CAN baud set to 250K.
Any setting that are changed are fixed, even after power cycle, until explicitly changed again.

typical command sequence, note <linfeed> to terminate each command line.



Interfaces are 2 x 9 pin D-types, On the Box RS232 is via a male plug, use a standard null modem lead, ie 2-3, 3-2 & 5-5.

CAN and power via a Female socket, Pin 1 Power from 8v to 30v. pin 3 ground, pin 2 CAN-L, pin 7 CAN-H


Red LED indicates Power on, plus it flashes "very fast2 when receiving RS232

Green LED Flashes when receiving CAN messages.